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" to draw " for a certain time, so as to " take the strength out

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Mr. Bhddbnell Carter moved that the Council pass to '

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sheriff, in cases in which the conduct of the police or other par-

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toria Park, E.— Pathologist. Salary, 100 guineas per annum. Appli-

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British service is appointed to a native regiment he should

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Duncan's access to "voluminous proceedings;" but it is

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puerperal scarlet fever is, perhaps, less open to controversy at

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stow ; T. N. Kelynack, M.B., Manchester ; Mr. C. E. B. Keetley, Lon-

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the oil either liquor potassse or carbonate of soda dissolved in

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Samu(2l Job, retired, 4th (Nottinghamshire) Volunteer Battalion Slier-

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Hulme: Two Cases of Kolpo Hysterettoniy for Uterine Fibroma, wiih

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every effort is being taken to secure recourse to vaccination and revacci-

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- turns of convictions have been forwarded for the considera-

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vix, especially of its intravaginal portion," is just men-

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the expenses rise in proportion to the smallness of the hos-

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existed with regard to coroners' courts, most persons thinking

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we have some means of control over the manufacturers of

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asserted very positively that in the treatment of malignant

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used to evoke movements from the cortex of this animal than

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be better advised if he waited for the final report of the Royal

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experiment, and always with the same result. I can there-

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ment of the expenses of members of the Parliamentary Bills

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that we term " functional," while the others include the

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lordship ; and whether, if legislation were necessary to secure public

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are enclosed here and there small groups of cells as well as

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student, I was taught that tubercle was a not infrequent

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ments with acetanilide (1-200) was that its action on pancreatic

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hili arid builriing operations are soon to be begun. Of the sum of £3.00»

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c. Cases of minor surgical ailment, accident, and venereal

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Pateeso'n, H. J., M.B.Cantab., appointed a Junior House-Surgeon to St.

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tnually pressing sanitary auti o ities to provUe for their districts

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Pedley, Birmingham; D. C. Rees, Ch.-iriDg cross Hospital; H,

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