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from the lining of the sac, the defect being united by five buried catgut

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and upward. The head would be occasionally thrown backward, and

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value in exophthalmic goitre have not been borne out by more recent

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therapeutic dosage, bear no relation to the ill ef-

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ment achieved by the subject of this earnest if not

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toneal infection is much more frequent in girls than boys (11 out of 14 cases).

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three weeeks. One son fractured a rib at seven years of age. A grand-

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almond shaped, and so hard as to be indestructible.

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criminis in this cruel and barefaced gulling of the

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as to the correctness of the diagnosis, and only examined

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regularly two to three hours after meals, are proba-

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of weight. The sputum examination was negative, but

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sound as well as of the aflTected hand, and revealed a distinct osteoplastic

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bold, rugged original. He is unique, distinct — no

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'Written for the New York Medical Journal at the suggestion of

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this case was perforated near the csecum and there was a

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rheumatic pericarditis of childhood and attended equally by dilatation of the

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rienced considerable pain and much discomfort. She had

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classes it is true that the patients usually, but not always, appear

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incision. It should not be forgotten that the majority of the patients

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direction through the centre of rotation of the eye.

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fibroid tumors in the lower segment of the uterus rendered birth impossible.

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proceed from Presidio of San Francisco, California,

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ptosis and nephroptosis, 110 per cent, of heemoglobin was observed with

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gauze has usually been inserted for drainage.. At its exit from the

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of heart occurs more frequently in manic depressive

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