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surface presents itself, particularly in the cortical region. The cortex

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Treatment. — The amount of drinking-water is to be moderated in

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long-continued gastro-intestinal disturbance (dyspepsia), improper hy-

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it, and touches the liaud with the mirror before passing it into tlie mouth, so as not to use it too

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Definition. — An hereditary disease, first described in 1861 by Fried-

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J. V. Shoemaker ^ affirms that naphthol is a remedy that seems to meet

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The Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital of Philadelphia has

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creased bleeding from the rent, but agents that relax the peripheral

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affections imply increased peristalsis of the large bowel. It is not

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During the diastole the heart forcibly rebounds, causing the so-called

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known as '•'' DietVs crises" or ^"incarceration symj^toms." They may

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the final disability. The first distribution of the paralysis may

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virus when property indicated in rheumatoid conditions. It is, how-

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sider some of the remote results of chronic inflammation of the

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symptoms may merge suddenly into those of the acute form of obstruction.

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atmospheric pressure, and partly to the contractile efforts of the dia-

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urine, great sensitiveness in the kidney region, the presence of

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For treatment the reader is referred to the article on Aphthous Stoma-

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This latter is only affected, however, when the cells of Clark's column

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pharyngeal mucosa. Hysteric aphonia is also frequently noted ; in this

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■deservingly had bestowed upOn them, a great degree of popularity

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largely to acid salts or the weaker acids (lactic, butyric) resulting from

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of caecal inflammation. I have no doubt that he carried this

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ively acid, emitting a sour odor, and on microscopic examination they

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may be a dozen in the twenty-four hours. A typical case may

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the chest-wall over the seat of effusion, especially in children, is often

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either with great suddenness, as when it occasions apoplexy, or with un-

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{Circimiscribed Peritonitis; Visceral Peritonitis.)

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What are the specific actions of bismuth in chronic suppuration,

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(h) Tumors involving the base, when growing in the anterior fossa,

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mucous membrane. The phi/sical examination reveals a marked disten-

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acutely, and eleven days later death resulted from bulbar involvement.

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Diagnosis. — Diabetes is distinguishable by means of (1) its causal

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tary muscles, involving chiefly the muscular fibers, and to some extent,

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and are absent in pulmonary regurgitation. In pulmonary insufficiency,

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1 ; from Boston on Monday, July 3 ; or from Montreal on Thurs-

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albuminuria, but also a renal affection as the cause of the hematuria.

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paraplegia, or disseminated sclerosis ; 4. In death, from failure of the

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