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best of these wines obtainable, if they come from a good

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to time as light gradually began to show itself on the medical

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that S.O.S. calls had even been sent up into Canada; but we did

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three inches, and then generally the stump should be capable of

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Ordered continuous bath, 88°, when patient's temperature reaches 102.5°, till

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The use of antistreptococcic serum has led to immediate improvement.

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ease is endemic in certain tropical and subtropical climates only ; and

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hours internally or hypodermically if needful, and I have found that the

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when these depend upon their mineral constituents for therapeutic

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Leghorns, and the white and black. Minorcas lay the white-

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each other by inch pipes. The first cylinder receives the water

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cutaneous surface, and there can be no doubt that a succulent epidermis

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spleen, the sero-reaction, and the characteristic eruption). In young

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'n,-fuu' cofjn,honenimed,anae sororem ac ronfuhemulem esse puto

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the oral. The application of cold compresses to the lids increased the

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the world ! The literature put out by the great manufacturing

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tions that may be three times the normal, we have a ready explanation

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occurring between 1831 to 1873, in which 28,753 persons were attacked,

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patient is suffering, (2) the number and character of the complicating

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of diabetes mellitus except the pancreatic form, in which I

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^IcDonald, of Edinburgh, who gave the usual statistics from

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hot water, indicate approximate temperatures upon which there is no

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suffering from live to six seminal emissions weekly, which exhausted him so that

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Although many patients with Syme' s amputation ask to have

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work. Fig 17. after active work aud bath. enhanced in the mUS-

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