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from this proceed his derivative marks, expressions

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gradual cessation of the fatty changes was seen on the

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The loss of flesh gives little information, and one

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ing treatment until this time, but all other treatment was

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11. A Case of Acute Pyelonephritis of Unusual Severity

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and thiiine bodies are most subject to be bewitched, if

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lasted thirty-nine days. The decline may take place

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day eight more pills are given, and in severe cases

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tion be given to the cardiac circulation. This is ac-

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in the former. Many of the histological findings at-

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as the alkaloids, are of easy conservation, however,

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Sour stomach, an habituallv coated tongue, a bad taste

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as those born into the world, and that the destruc-

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to their more scientific treatmeilt. In the ante partun,

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40() East ()\r IU xiikki) and I'hk iTi-:rii Street.

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number of eminent surgeons, who had signified their wil-

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is less tendency to the formation of strictures, but

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had never had any previous trouble, nor could she account

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12, 1910. Erosions, November 13, 1910, with lymph node

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izes the maiden, fails to develop, the pubic hair does

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litic taint, are useful, but to do good they must be

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gives better results than surgical procedure. It has

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not touch ; the operating tendency is absolutely dif-

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To return to the nervous condition of the l)Oy. Of the

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tween the lung tissue and the bacilli, in which the

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work which is being carried on by separate organizations

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tioner should read, if he has not done so, the article

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body should be dissected at the Salernian school at

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tion should not be operated on, until all evidence of

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monly present and especially so if there is any drag-

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sixty-eight. Past history negative. Trouble began with an

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the chest if one portion is out of commission, as in

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We arc indebted to the Bureau of Records of the Dc-

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Phillips, Hiham A., Lieutenant, Medical Corps. Ordered

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tassium iodide tends to prevent the increase of the

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and suspected — is of 1480: but it is said to have

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Case VII. Physician, set. thirty-five. Secondary syph-

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Figure 9. By traction upon the angles of a rhomboidal figure it may be lengthened

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healthy granulating appearance and the lips of a newly

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baths as suggested by Filatow will minimize the dan-

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cally and serologically. He advises that if the cases

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is not likely to be benefited by a serum or vaccine.

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this time on for about two years. March, 1909, had curi-

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days after the lesions in the child had disappeared

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