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The value of filtration of water is shown by the fact that
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lowest percentages in the first and second and third stage
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By November 8'h he was better; the swelling was diminish-
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small-pox ? One attack of small-pox, however severe, is not always pre-
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.preserved, but also of the circumstance tliat, under patholo-
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add ; in this case the staining is produced by the reduction by the tissue
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to the formation of District Councils, it will be sufficient at
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rate in the thirty-two provincial towns, among which these diseases
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Volunteers (South Lancasfiire Regiment) ; Surgeon-Major (ranking as
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and succeeded in turning out four of the old subscribing
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If the inhalation of an atmosphere more or less laden
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On June 19th she got off her wedding ring for the first time
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always inhaled by smoking. Ha^hee?h has been in use in Egypt for
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observations harmonise with the fact urg^d on the attention
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adult respiratory infection and augmentin
The ItaUan medical man whom 1 met in consultation informed me that
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happens to almost all persons. " The treatment recommended
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practical bearings whicli I considered to be of importance. I
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tteyial t/lcer : Local At)scess openiiuj into Trnnsrer-^e tl'oIon.—Tho patient, a
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geon, accompanied General Sherman on his famous march to
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in private practice are Forfar, Haddington, and Berwick.
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law entitling injured persons to compensation, there was
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how the periods are divided? We are not dealing with the
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of " New Treatment." The term is understood in a generous
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A CORRESPONDENT sends us a cutting from the Civil and Military Gazette
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ascarides in the intestine were mentioned, but it was shown
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last year. The Rev. Edward Harry Button Colt, rector of
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18th inst., it has been decided to hold the meeting in the
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Their presence in full numbers, though inadequate to avert an
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of lead leaves the system by the bowels. Tlie bile has been-
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The Municipality of Havre, in concert with the medical
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when closed, and then presented a smooth terminal surface to prevent!
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breastfeeding augmentin
granules, or these retire to one part of the cell, leaving the
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the carpenters' Hall, Throgmorton Avenue, to protest, against the action
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a congenial nidus for diphtheria, and bring about abnormal
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Pottefract.— Mediinl iriBcer; doubl? qualified. Salary, £130 per
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i stopped taking my augmentin
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urges that legislative measures should be taken against the
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sheds a new light on the question of his claim to the professorship-a
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She stopped at Strassburg on the way, under the care of Pro-
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house to ascertain that all measures for preventing contagion
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pulated. This, however, would hardly be the logical outcome

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