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phyodont physiology. Were a man to live long enough, he

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Europe took a sensible view of the matter, and for the

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rather the "Medical College Laboratory." According to this

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plecia, priapism, anesthesia, tympanites, paralysis of bladder. In-

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helped financially and elevated to a higher plane of use-

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has a cecum three inches long. The common pigeon —

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creditably represent the department, the exhibit has been

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pericardium, both receive branches from the bronchial

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almost simultaneously propounded the view that fer-

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used in stopping the vehicle and in going down hills Is employed In

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ozemia and death. Ghlorofonn, if a^uninistered during

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9 Purulent Choroiditis, Following an Attack of Mumps; Diag-

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their decisions on questions that are brought before

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a thin and slightly corded area corresponding to tibe

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master, owner or agent of any vessel making a false statement

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by comparative health. This illness may have coincided \>th

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although they were weakened by the prolonged sepsis

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cases collected by Greorge Blumer," .in none is any men-

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ostomy relieves the hyperacidity and allows prompt emptying

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The Chairman, Db. Johnson, for the Diatrlct ot Colombia, said :

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ment had been tried and failed in all before surgical int erven

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