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times by slight, at other times by more marked, insuf-
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factor, we can make no accurate deductions. The col-
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life out of doors, by cheerful surroundings and cheering
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I was able to quiet the fears of the parents as to threat-
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acetic-acid, and ferrocyanide, heat and acid tests. As a general
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solutions of the suprarenal capsule. On account of the
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in hygiene, particularly since the European invasion of
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fifty as majors and one hundred and fifty captains. This has
orographic clouds
these arches. The cord was plainly seen to be pushed anteriorly
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remains in bed for ten day.s, after which ambulatory dressing
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menstruation, neryous causes, lung diseases, heart dis-
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on the left side, and at the junction of the posterior
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fumnculosis is more pronounced in hemorrhagic cases.
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hospital experience. In British steamers British quallflcatlons are
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last two being usually quite as marked as between the first
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medical men. Among these is the advisability of cre-
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Deutsche Med. Wochenschrlft (Berlin and Leipsic), March 28.
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one examination and absent at another, and that now
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No individual who shall be under sentence of expulsion or
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of the operation. Of the 19 remaining cases, all are alive and
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of symptoms in M6ni6Tes difieaee. And the men to whom
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in every case gave relief. The cases being, as surmised
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alcohol on the child's capacity for study has also been directly
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stage, is as little developed as it is in the camivora
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will be sent forth with a good clinical knowledge of
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the yellow of an egg and was not a mere blood-clot, as
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coma, though other troubles may present themselves.
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It has thus been conclusively shown that staphylococci
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cover its tone so that all symptoms of degeneration disappear
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resulted from an accident, and owing to the fact that
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examination was as follows: Through the cystoscope a
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amine" may not definitely express the same idea to every person
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with a child a change of food is indicated. In some cases it is
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Only by the attending physician associating with him-
orographic lifting creates abundant precipitation on the
poor girls and orphans were established. In the mean-
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and diseases of tile nervous system, the result of the rapid pace
orographic effects on precipitating clouds
sion, there is longer but little difEerence of opinion as
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all that is necessarv is to take a piece of this rubber dam and
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Chaput, Martin, Paoli and Busuchi, Harvey Beed, and

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