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ance. Even with the strictest asepsis, a good recovery can not be ob-

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Uric Acid. — The strong acids which appear in the urine during the

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produced by injury to the neck of the bladder during parturition. Noc-

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in connection with hysterical manifestations, has no cause save the erratic

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©r two in temperature. When the end is near, the diarrhoea which has

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On physical examination a circumscribed tumor is detected, which is

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when his temperature is ranging from 102° F. to 104' F.

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Symptoms. — In children, the laryngeal spasm usually comes on at night,

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JB vOB ••• ••• •<• •«• ••• X^O

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tion, have reached the ductus communis and caused jaundice and hepatic

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chill. This differs from the chill of pneumonia or that of malarial fever,

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usually followed by a rapidly fatal peritonitis. If the communication

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exhaustion from vomiting, diarrhoea or hemorrhage may sometimes be so

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and the fact that it can be propagated by inoculation, establish its conta-

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sufficient mental and physical development and those older do not readily acquire

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and gutter" fracture of the old writers. The fracture may be fissured,

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hope that by judicious management, even in the most unpromising, relief

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the diagnosis can be made, a surgical operation should be performed,

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After the needle has been introduced the fluid may be permitted to flow

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tions, by the marked nervous and gastric symj^toms, the slight jaundice,

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always lies on the affected side ; any otlier position increases dyspnoea and

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for although the bile secretion is diminished, there is no obstruction to its

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relieve the unpleasant gastric symptoms. Vomiting in the morning al-

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sudden agitation, if kept up, will destroy the bacterial growth. It is

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the patient must be kept in bed, the surface of the body covered with flan-

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out pushing aside this process. Lh some cases the fluid within this cav-

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humerus under the coracoid process was to put the unbooted foot in

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"Manual of Lunacy.** sc, Bditor of ''Journal of Psychological Medicine,*' and

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and separated from each other by pale tracts of skin ; they may become

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There is still another class of cases in which the marked nervous i)he-

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means. Cholecystotomy should be performed, the stone removed, and the

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C. C, C. Convoluted tubvles — epilheliiuji nearly destroyed. Some

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