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able ; and I humbly predict in the near future, possibilities and

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At 600 metres (656'2 yards) bullet S has 470 metres

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main hygienic features. Nurses and attendants should not stay

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Bureau of Sanitary Science, Dr. Grosvenor of Chicago acting

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dren: Anna Perit, Margaret DeLancey (Mrs. Frank B. Ober), De-

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many honors, and ultimately becoming the possessor of the degrees of

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either from morning till noon, or noon till evening, — but it is

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Frederick W. Halsey, M.D., has succeeded to the practice of the late Dr. M.

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of a candle at ten feet distance, and held at various angles.

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esting. She had never given the subject any thought until

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may be. With hygiene and medicine, and a hopeful state of

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position in the thickness of the adjoining muscles nerves that have

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chosen Professor of Surgical Pathology and Operative Surgery in the

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not become multiplied when they are separated from the

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