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subjects relating to practical surgery which are treated very
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in that class of life cannot tell whether antiseptics are used
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was one of deep pelvic appendicitis. I reached the collection,
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in combination with small doses of grey powder, a milk diet,-' .
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Pontrilas ; Mr. H. M. Evans, Berlin ; Messrs. Elkington and Co , Lon-
tetracycline used to treat acne
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Government, when they have undertaken to serve under a
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abdominal wall, and thus lessen the danger of a fistula, as
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Brigade Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel F. H. Ble.vkinsop, Madras Esta-
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15 Proceedings oj the Societt/ of Biblical Arch:tology (May 5th, 1891), Lond.,
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through the rent they had made in the sheath (Fig. 2), and
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could be met with the same ' frolic welcome,' ; the attempts-
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in our food. Dr. Broadbent •' treated seven cases of anaemia

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