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or a Sjjecial (ieneral Meeting ; his duties and tenure
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am))ton 9.5. Plvmouth 21.7, Hristol 15.5. BIrminsrham 20.6.
was no mean critic of the fine arts. He was an aident
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see a child in a Christian Science family at death's
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Foreign Authors and Investigators, Collected and Arranged with
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one counts made for this week are found five counts
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impossible, so tliat a slight modification of some of
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mary line and extending downward over the tumor mass.
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*0., cloudy; C, clear; F., fair; G., fog; H., hazy; S., smoky;
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infected are scattered over the district. It should
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can or should assume to control the diet of infants
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Nottingham 15.!). Bolton 18.0. IManchesfer 19.9. Salford 21.0,
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the patient's heirs to waive the privilege, so that
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to do — and it can little be wondered at that many, I
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V'e liave found them alive and virulent on dry points
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profession. We shall see to it that she is fittingly repre-
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No. 8 The Fenway, Nov. 25, 1903, at 8 p.m., to consider the advis-
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will generally be unable to recognize them correctly.
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'His, W.: Die Harnsiiure Ablaiteruiigcn des Korpers ""d die
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course of the same week — in consequence, apparently,
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where it stayed in place very well. The patient was
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of it — was comiK).s(>d in Boston, while pacing in the twi-
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find no reason for it, unless, as sometimes happens,
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tricts of cities are ali-eady comparatively salubrious.
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the deep tissue the ultra-violet ray present in such
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precaution that the manufacturers take, that of immu-
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exclusion of ordinary forms of cirrhosis of the liver.
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were kissing me and loving me. I am lonely at times
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as president of the Naval Medical Examining Board, Washing-
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Diagnostiquees Pendant La Vie. By M. M. Braillon et Andr6
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is rarely consulted for such cases, at least in pri-
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cial feature of it is that it prevents the erection of
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as the fact of their being conductors of electricity
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first decade, 6 of these developing in the first hemi-
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Sl'RAGUK. E. K., pas.scd as^ijstant surgeon. Granted leave of
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R., rain; T., threatening; N., snow; —, below zero, f Indicates trace
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' Contributed to the fourteenth series of Medical and Surgical
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iuder. Make; the' e'yliu(le>r suflie-ie-ntly e)pen to
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acid gives to curarine a magnificent and lasting blue
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J., M.D., :66; Sheperd, C, M.D , 444: Skinner, C, 388: Smith, D. H.,

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