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deposits in the lower as to make her whole lung capacity

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hesions were broken up by the operation, allowing movements

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tack he eonld not find a trace of them. For some reason the

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a typical case of hydrophobia, when he was removed to

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to work on and relieve the overtuked working air-cells and

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that the desired results are to be secured, not through

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dren, one daughter died of consumption before her father.

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and Dr. Harry C. Martin, Springfield, secretary and treasurer.

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vice Dr. Charles S. Shultz, of the same place,' resigned.

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long distances on railway coaches. Sleeping-cars are

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excision of the shoulder was one which must vary according to ihe extent

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August last. Dr. EUiotson left England at the end of that month, and was

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nodding and head-rotation usually associated with nysta^nuis,

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> Philosoph. Transact, for 1825, page 262 ; and Sir E. Homes Lect. on Compar. Anat.

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cerely hoped that it may be fully confirmed by further

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cles are not present. The blood-vessels of and even

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injurious influence of the depression of mind, occasioned by this letter, was

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four hours is diminished. Thus, in one of the cases in my clinic,

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vice has just published a summary of the plague situation in

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ciation with venereal disease. In common with Dr. Allen and

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tion is liable to be greatly protracted ; and that a necessity for the frequent

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is a native of Ireland, and has been in America forty-four years. Is a tanner

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cal Association, has received an application for membership from

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might induce the medical attendant to abandon his patient to his fate, while

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aceton. BoUcher tests for sugar by adding to urine in a test-tube

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This advantage is especially remarkable with children.

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5. Ziemssen Specieile Pathologic der Tbefiplgi f^i! xlz.

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Robin and Binet have studied the exchanges in the respiration

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It caused, at first, great pain over the right mamma, and on the right side of

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Paul F. Eve, M. D., Professor of Surgery in the Medical College of

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brows and rotated downward on top of the cheek flaps.

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