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elements, red patches, or papules. Much more rarely are vesicles and
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Verwendung des Ch-rysarobins," Zeitschrift f. drztl. Landpraxis, 1894, 1, 2. — 21.
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sur Us affections cutanies artificielles, etc. Paris, 1862. — 5. Beigel. Trans-. Path. Soc.
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disease, nervous exhaustion, mental shock, attacks of mania, or more
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(3) The handling of specimens varies according to their
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original biographer assures his smiling readers, "to the in-
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feeble, but not always slow ; the heart's action also is feeble. The circu-
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we are definitely informed that he "knew well" no fewer
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by means of Leiter's tubes, very effective. Water at a temperature of
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stages these fears often coexist, and they vary from time to time.
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briefly the chief forms assumed by alcoholic insanity.
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consumption of alcohol. This subject is considered separately (p. 322), but
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poultices or compresses on parts which have been irritated by chemicals
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ties, which seem only to attack the body. This, indeed, he
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groups of cells are composed of embryonic epithelium, derived from the
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induced to write, and on subjects which seem to require elucidation,
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brings no strain upon the eye. In the extreme cases of miner's nystag-
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undoubted instances of contagion from one man to another employed in
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descendants up to the date 1712, five were killed outright
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acquire increased pathogenetic properties, and, by passing through one
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(5) Parasites in the blood may be recognized by the use of
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cases in which a person receives a severe shock or concussion without any
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sophico-psychological point of view. Etiology, diagnosis, and therapeutics
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irritation or trauma ; (ii.) disturbances of digestion ; (iii.) disturbances
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indicated by the position of the rider. For example, if
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Greece, the Arabs made some improvements in the art of
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interpapillary epithelium undergo increase, as well as the cells of the rest
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5 mms., but in some cases they attain a thickness of 8 mms. Their outer
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patient by heroic remedies, especially by cruel means, have, happily,
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keep the tissues of the peripheral vessels in as good condition as pos-
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withdrawn. To this repetition of habit the French apply the name
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over that of Thiersch, for the large portions of skin engrafted by his
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above 101°, and may within two days become normal, the patient may
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made, of pain or of tremors or of irregular ataxic movements. Inability
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thema. Two old-fashioned terms may also be referred to here, namely,

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