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inished at both ends. But circumstances every now and then arise
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tism, cholera, pneumonia, etc.), who accumulate fat by rest, excessive
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18. Smith, Robert: Dublin Journal of Medical Sciences, 1835, vi., p. 205.
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for a fact that it is so, and that each parasite finds in its nidus some-
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sweet spirits of nitre are among the best domestic remedies.
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walking and climbing exercise is not practical^le for one reason or
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unusual susceptibility of the nerve centres, aided possibly by more or
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and in this way it has sometimes been brought into disrepute. Not-
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disease, for in former times nearly every case proved fatal. It was
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in height. On its first floor are the apartments of the
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the lower orders, wlio have spent a long life in more or less strenu-
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rash, which disajjpears in a line when you draw your finger over the
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The rule for treating fractures is the most simple of all directions
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was soon seen that the disease in which it did most good was acute
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means of exercise intelligently prescribed and conscientiously admin-
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an excellent tooth powder, and may be used once a day in the
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common, according to the general belief, supported by experimental, clinical,
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The trunk and pelvis for similar reasons are as yet difficult to
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are fearfully fretted and annoyed by needlessly harsh and cruel
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usually dilated with a solution of atropia before the examination is
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takes place in the shortest time when little fluid is taken, while the
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greater deposit of fat on the thorax, through which the apex beat is
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the ankle together are called the tarsus, and are one less in number
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the several meals. Only when these factors are kept in view, factors
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Polypi. — Polypi of the ear are exuberant granulations, the results
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warmth to increased activity and a large amount of moisture is car-
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verified at the autopsy. In these cases the relationship between
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the spread of these undesirable, and often fatal infectious or con-
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(made from carbolic acid) are said to be due to impurities, and Pro-
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the pain and itching, and its application is soon followed Ity a cool
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Sir Astley Cooper, Bart. — born in England in 1768, — died in
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to render it insusceptible to the action of the rheumatic poison ; or
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len membranes are pressed against the other solid structures as soon
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abundant precipitate of silver chloride testifies to the presence of
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young people than in those of more mature years. We accordingly
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Leber, Hirschberg) ; (c) Ketinitis hfemorrhagica of the ordinary type.
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yet after the operation the haematuria has permanently ceased. It is
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The bones of the face are fourteen in number, and together with
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The Glands. — In front and below the lower half of the external

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