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for the second half of a double aortic murmur to be strongest of the

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in the pleura and peritoneum. In the 205 cases at present collected

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viscera effecting reduction. Such interference, however, would be

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overreach. The animal was in great pain, and supported the weight of

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meeting, the members partook of lunch at the residence of the Presi-

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health and spirits. I feel I never can be too grateful for the salutary advice of my

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HOBDAY, (t)" The Castration of Cryptorchid Horses and

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Mr. J. B. Perrin has presented parts of a Tibia and Fibula united

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yellow placard, conspicuous in typographical display, I read the follow-

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was, as I have just said, little swollen, but showed diffuse induration,

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tubercle in the guinea-pig but failed to affect the fowl. It might,

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and the sulphurous waters, said to dispel lingering disorders from the

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the exact relations of the facte as observed by the

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three means have been afforded to the medical practitioner by which he

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The Commissioners also pointed out the crowded state of the house and

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cannot be carried out correctly, or with the necessary certainty, by an

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month in a book provided for the purpose during the term required by the

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mation from the endocardium or epicardium. They show that Stokes's

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were certified to be capable of removal without detriment. "The battle

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A minute particle scraped from the wall of any of these cysts

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lisle, and Dr. Morell Mackenzie, 13, Weymouth Street, London.

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Time of illness not has gone from legs and attacked hands. longed ; no murmur. 4. Sudamina cover chest. 5 7 8.

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such) during the past six years and also during a five-years' period,

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Dr. H. EL. Root — Sir : I have made use in my practice in a number of obstinate

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had appeared between the skin and the upper mandible.

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Mortuary Statistics of P.\ris .'vnd London compared. — Sub-

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managers are fully alive to the defects of the airing-grounds, and that

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from within outwards, the pelvis and the upper portion of the ureter

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tude in treatment is very important. If the disease is not recognised

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j/^250 and costs, the jury finding for the "pursuer on all

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