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or typhoid fever. When: opium, in cases of this character, increases

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among its prominent symptoms. There is often also a feeling of dryness

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clearest indicatioDs for the use of opinm» which may in jj:eneral be given

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was rapid during the first 15 minutes, bringing down the bacterial

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another of their stages or varieties, we employ bleeding, cathartics,

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floence on the lirer is not yet determined, and would form a good subject

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does not see that a tax upon his tea or his sugar is as much

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nution of the sensorial functions. Heaviness and languor, or a feeling

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rapidity, moreover, and amoant of local astringent effect are far greater

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disorder, the wild cherry bark is also an excellent remedy. Perhaps the

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Again, as this state of the air is frequently the remote cause

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of analogous mode of action, but exerting its -influence un a diiferent

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6 1/2 inches) with pine shavings as bedding and without restriction

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parations is not unfrequently dropped into the eye, to allay irritability

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alarming, the mildest form of these stimulants should be first employed^

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herpes simplex infection. J. Infect. Dis. 107: 356-360.

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years without engaging in the practice of medicine,

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have found it specially beneficial in that brownish su|>erficial diacolom-

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blank enough when the simple but important question is put :

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ing the cataract afterwards by spectrum-analysis. Upon exhibiting the carbonate

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quietude, and wakefulness ; while opium might do more harm than good.

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