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Avere somewhat swollen, and of a very peculiar dark red colour, the

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active hemorrhage and in violent action of the heart, for which latter,

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confined to one side, and it occupied a position corresponding to the

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patient was troubled for some time with the usual sequelae of diph-

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times in E. nana of the mass of substance colored dark brown by iodine

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ber of insane patients. He has now a number of cases under treat-

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thickened, and, together with the tumor weighed forty-two pounds.

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tomically, but physiological observations place it beyond dispute. The

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mercurial action in the whole system ? Indeed, any person who reviews

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which has in its turn been pushed to a most deleterious excess. Por my

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" The movement of the blood in the capillaries of cold-blooded ani-

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into Tlefh. Their degree of drynefs. mu ft be accord-

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But the following case, which was very lately communicated to me

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