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Counties Asylum, Carmarthen, by invitation from Dr.

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orations were delivered by Professor de Amicis, President of

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spheric air, its properties and relationships (including those to hygiene,

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We learn from Paris that, in sequel to the labours of the

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tion of the following cases will afford evidence in support of

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Harwood, Charles. M.D., L.R.C.S.Edin., reappointed Medical Officer of

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Physiology.— \y. Alder, Guy's Hospital; A. H. Bell, Cork and Mr.

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dish Square, W., by the Rev. J. H. Lloyd Kane, M.A., Vicar of .Vrdsley,

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mass would almost have filled an ounce measure. Such

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protect them against this disease. So long as the public

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aspirator, is both uncertain and dangerous, and it seems to

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with the handy, neat books which make up the New Syden-

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tion of two : that, when practicable, they should Ije allowed

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the corps specified, all dated April 22nd: Gordon Aiiercromiue Lang,

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simultaneous determination of loratadine and desloratadine

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regular relation to the growth, and so could not well be the

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adherent to this swelling (though the skin was .edematous), and gurgling

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Hanover Square, by the Rev. \V. E. B. Barter, F. W. Burton-Fanning,

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tors of the Union in June, 1801, an opinion entered upon tlie

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3 inches. It was discovered to be bent upon itself in the form of an u,

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cidence, but it is at least suggestive. We understand that the

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abdominal induration will lie in the retro-cfeeal variety of

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indeed, rather unfortunate. They simply mean by this term

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C. and D. are on very good terms and would like to do therightthiog,

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In relation to the comments which appeared in the British Medical

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ton, is a candidate for the Chair of Logic, rendered vacant

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seventeen years, a drunkard for ten years, a drunkard, drug

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value for them, whicii is enhanced as census follows census,

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majority of persons that Leicester is a place unprotected by

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that the patient should be carefully watched for a while.

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