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anus^onS'tKf4^J!f'^^^"^' the^proglottids of tapeworms sometimes migrate from the

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Dentists in practice before 1st August, 1878, may be admitted to

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Schamber, Walter Fred, s, a, w, Parkers Prairie, Minn. S.B. (U. of North Dakota)

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tw<ii4f tfc— t i i<t»l <> i i l tnUfww {t— i il ii t i i l»M < t l ia . 4 rtw^ ■wfry >l 'M— (ri>fw far « t§ C/t, Hoa»


There is also an important relation between the location of the hemorrhage

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a patient may feel unusually well just before an attack.

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toes [particularly the great toe — K.], and especially dorsal extension of

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because of the persistent pressure, or, on the other hand, thickened as a result

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