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He received the degree of LL.D. from the College of New Jersey, at

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Surgical Society, and Polyclinic Clinical Society. Dr. Young was

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by which the atoms of the surrounding pabulum are drawn in

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William Shaffer, who came from Holland and settled in 1760 upon

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and "prodomata" for " prodromata " on p. 118. Many other

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initiate such a movement as the present one, that the pro-

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York Athletic and Graduates clubs, University of Michigan Club,

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the New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital,

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In making these incisions, we should give preference to the

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The massage is supposed to act as a substitute for exercise,

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around the head iarg. nit., calc. c., puis). Great soreness of the

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forms one of Lea Brothers' excellent series of Students' Manu-

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medical officials ; repeatedly a delegate to the American Medical Asso-

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vice-president and president of the Michigan Homoeopathic Society;

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tities of unwholesome, if not actually poisonous, substances,

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otorrhcea the relief obtained was not so immediate nor so per-

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His father, Dr. Adrian T. Woodward, was a physician of note in

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ting a child whose physical condition will, from all probability,

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at the Nursery and Child's Hospital, and worked at the same time

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the brain and the solar plexus. . . . We have no very precise

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the Iowa State University. He studied medicine at the

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bringing out the present neat and substantial edition. The

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three numbers. He brought the abstract of proceedings down to

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right pupil larger than the left, which was contracted ; skin

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pose, for the silk of the suture still made union impossible.

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young gentleman's breakfast." — "Bring two," coolly added the

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I have nothing to say in defence of those who persistently

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bullets discharged ; besides, an explosive bullet can no

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