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Klebs-Loefler diphtheria bacillus. The students re-

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healthy persons or to cases of myxcedema. The same result was obtained on

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cisely as does blood-serum without antitoxin; and (2) that, although the

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1. Oil Congenital Hwniatocolpos, Hasniatonietia and H;e-

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ment, the face returned to about normal when at rest, only

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Copyright, 1910, by A. R Elliott Publishing Company.

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of the action of a single muscle like, say, the com-

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bility of certain cases, the remissive character of

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been treated along definite surgical lines in enough

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a rational remedy, all go to stamp his effort as in harmony with the

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hiirgh University Graduation Ceremony. — Retirement of

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how remote, if it recalls to his mind any experience

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inner fragment was treated in the same manner. Through these holes,

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normal. It had been increased in amount, of late, she said. There

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pharynx. It is a singular fact that I have verified

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the most skilled and experienced physician cannot help but derive good

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major and Justo-minor Pelvis follow. Some very good illustrations are

how long does eriacta last

scopic. New York: William Wood & Co.. 1910. Pp.

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one which I had previously observed, only that there

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Is the only preparation which contains the enzymes iso-

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when the uterus was opened. This was controlled by injections of ergotin

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occasionally with blood, and in distinct collapse. The bladder was found to

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tions. The first objection is that in difficult cases the necessarily constant

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ruary 16th the discharge became slightly purulent, with moderate

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the young is more rapid than in the old. The animal

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reasonable to conclude that the ninety per cent, of

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ture the blood-pressure is increased. The dog is also much less ex-

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This consists in massage of the prostate (always in

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which she had been subjected to an operation, and from

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Hi, A xt HARD, J. F., Acting Assistant Surgeon. (iranted

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ainount of ablation will avail to prevent reappearance, previously insured by

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ExPERiMEXT XY. This experiineut was one iii which there was a

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of members but of other physicians interested in the work

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in twelve cases, or 46.1 per cent. As a rule, there is but little evidence of

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while at the same time, the thirst is alleviated by the

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