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State, on which he depends for protection ; that he

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plained of a sense of pressure within the abdomen).

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for its decision, upon the nature of the individual.

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to emphasize the fact. It is evident that from this

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G. A. Wilson, Jr, D. D. S., and W. D. Tracy, D. D. S.

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" while little or no effect will result if the patient is

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fresh or dried state just as parathyreoids have been

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On September 28th an injection of 0.5 gramme. Twenty

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product on one side or the other, and oftentimes on

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met in aiimial session in Lockpdrt recently and elected the

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i3th. Dr. Daniel O'Callaglian, aged seventy-one years.

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be taken every three days until no more bacilli could

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layed by two objections. First, the expense of more

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ploved the results have been startling and of great

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being carried on by the State Charities .\id Association.

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is performed at all. In some cases the tonsil is com-

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(cj If he leaves no dependents, the reasonable expenses

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from sixty per cent, to twenty-two per cent. The white cells

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6. The Pathology of Malignant Epithelial Growths of the

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