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animals with a fatty or otherwise weak heart. Cardiac

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tible impression. Ice was suggested, but could not be obtained

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" The subject was a young and healthy adult, who came to his death

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facts will, I trust, lead other members of the profession to record

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taken, when he was relieved. The poison, in his case, was conveyed

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secretion of hydrochloric acid, or hyperchlorhydria, is said

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a ground stopper, containing 60 grammes of tincture of sulphuric

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sulting from renal insufficiency, and probably from infection

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Thb Sanitary Reporter. — We have received the first number of a

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talline masses ; odorless, and having an acrid and persistent

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light and air, coupled with deprivation, hardships and exposure.

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Pu|)ulation (at least approximatively) of each district.

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Made by maceration and percolation. The alcohol is distilled off

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influence upon bacteria within the alimentary canal.

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-arterial hue, and later assumes a dark, venous color. The

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vered with a fibrinous exudation — unerring symptoms of high ac-

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and percolation of the crude drug, They vary in strength ;

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curette allows it to cml>racc the nueleus ; it also flattens it somewhat,

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Linseed meal, mixed with an equal amount of molasses,

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