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the state of the hearths valves, and the condition of the uterine organs

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St. Vitus' Dance or Chorea.— This is an acute infection

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Gas-heaters. — The open gas-heater without a flue

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With Notes and Additions by an American Surgeon. 1 vol. 8vo.

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•would attend its use if we could induce our patients to resist the pain which it,

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estimation in which it is held in Germany. It has further

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procedure which a mother can learn from a doctor or

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with dust some of it will reach the lungs and be deposited

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The Irguries of the Eye. By Dr. A. Zakdbb and Dr. Abthvb Qbisslbb . ib.

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A piece of solid nitrate of silver was shaved down to a sharp point, and in-

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V. On Paralysis sympathetic of Visceral Disorders. By John B. Zabris-

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as to quantity must be determined by their effects. He has

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taken. As for medication and bowel washes, these are

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axillary space, a sound elicited of metallic " timbre," in fact, a true

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settled in the region of the diaphragm, his audience would

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practice, are crowding into the city. Now why does the voice from the burial-

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the rectum, very large and much distended, with meconium, applied itself

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regular, and the pericardium absent. The heart hung by its vessels, like

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artery at the wrist, but more accurately by measuring

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always be large on the very first day. Dr. Margueritte sometimes

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left was half as large, and contained Siv; it resembled urine. In a MS.

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excited to prepare for the entertainment, when her breathing suddenly became

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state of the bowel. Of the important complication with preg-

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come panicky when father skips a meal in behalf of his

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tion, it has excited so much discontent as to convince me it is a

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catamenia reappeared, and they now observed a regularly periodical type for

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tions have led to a closer observation of the phenomena that immediately suc-

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colleagues, Drs. Hays, Littell, and Fox, and several medical students. The

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substance which can be artificially made in the laboratory by

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amber colour, and contained much albumen, with a few finely granular

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folds and the summits of the two arytenoids. In the meanwhile,

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by smoking the pipe of a man diseased, but not evidently

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each subject, and, with the exception of the first volume, have been revised by the

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