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(From the Memorial Institute for Infectious Diseases, Chicago.)

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is deficient in not granting compulsory power to effect such amalgamations of

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sketchy and popular manner, that the physical basis of life is not a

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somewhat similar operations which had been introduced into sur-

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protect the animal completely. Another series was run in which

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is less adherent to the medium than at earlier stages — the hyphae

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B. Curative inoculations. — A number of cases were injected

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aqueous matter, and that in the form of HO, a form which supplies

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toxins with their typical toxin character is a special case, and need

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retention goes with hydrops and urea retention with those forms of


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paration, and was also of opinion that no rupture had occurred. He

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very .similar to those with the lecithin. The results showed that,

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Arsenious Acid. — Black pepper should always be administered with

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position of which it is possible to raise a doubt, the most unam-

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"leaving to the Universities and Corporations full liberty to deal as they

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may be such a prominent feature of the whole symptom complex as to

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the tube is rotated, and the excess poured out into another bottle, not back into the

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side in order to exercise the weak one as much as possible. For the

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sedatives, it is presupposed that the treatment is to be kept up all night.

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is also inhaled, by means of a Hamaide's inhalation apparatus. The

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truth. I feel assured that bloodletting never would have had such

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greater value than the glycogenic power of the liver. Possibly,

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use of alien or homologous serum in the manner indicated, for

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made careful measurements of the anterior and posterior cranial lever-arms, the

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probable, when we remember that areolar tissue exists in greater

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The liquid applied to the beds was therefore crude sewage except

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31. This animal fell down several times but was always able to regain his legs. Shot,

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V. A PREPARATION, showing the result of an operation for liga-

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The renal lymph nodes are usually enlarged, and one or two of

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Stramonium ; and three of the Umbelliferfe, Sium lineare, Cicuta maculata,

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