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belonging to the natural order of the Ericaceae. It is found in

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viscera, ecchymoses in the serous membranes, and extravasations of blood

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any single abnormal parasite, remember that where there is one

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spheric C0 2 showed its factor increased to 1.001 when

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life ; or (3) that the abortion was natural or accidental. Upon

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C. before testing. All serums are examined upon removal

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careful that water does not drip into any tube while

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closely about the room and scrutinize its contents. Let him note

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with the diphtheria bacillus. It is held by some Continental observers

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Medical Association, Prof. Playfair speaks of the " overmuch and injudicious

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Types of Insanity. An illustrated Guide in the Physical Diag-

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certain special substances only, and show a selective power as striking as

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have been the subject of inquiry and research from time immemo-

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It is inconceivable to us why the centesimal scale should be

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ricin, although the last observation is strenuously denied by Ehrlich. Certain

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been ready to defend it whenever it has been assailed ; who have

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4 ml of distilled water. To the receiver for the blank and

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contracting kidney. On examining such a shrinking organ, e.g. kidney,

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17. Wolbach, S. B., and Todd, J. L.: Note sur I'etiologie et I'anatomie patho-

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vibrios, and similarly against an infection with 2 mgrms. of virulent typhoid

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This group includes the horseflies, deerflies, stableflies, and

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and often provided with branched processes — appear. They are both phagocytic

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These definitions have not only been ridiculed, but they led to

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laws and come into the blessed liberty of " our school " ?

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comparative chemistry of the thyroid gland. Finally, it is obvious that the arti-

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inflammation or an extensive spreading inflammation, a small local suppuration or

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become distended with mucus. On the other hand, (b) mucin may appear in

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After fixation, they may be shipped in a minimum amount of

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present-day conception of pneumonia has displaced some of the etiological

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