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100 ml Erlenmeyer flask. Of the sodium iodide solution
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made in a moment of excitement, still there may be some one
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extended into the neck. At first they suggested tumor masses.
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less, with cold extremities, vomiting, great nervous excitement,
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instance, an attack of eczema cured by metallic quicksilver ; or
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change in the muscle plasma. This condition is frequently spoken of
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be found that the top of the diaphragm will be higher on the
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ture 101.3. Cool applications to abdomen. Arnica. In the
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(genus Aedes) and the common house mosquitoes (genus Culex,
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even sanctioned, but whether all physicians shall enjoy the right
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prove, on careful analysis of the 114 subjects mentioned, to be in
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the part of Prof. Bartholow to write a book, rather than to pre-
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patient about ten months before she called me. During the
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suddenly, and without warning, lost my reason. Neither my
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ward he was attacked with inflammation of the lungs and gout. By the em-
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can only be the symptom of a valvular lesion growing out of an
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as broad granular tube casts. Other tubules have cells lining
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isinglass to it, or, as before mentioned, by suspending milk altogether for a
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In presenting a summary of the various authorities we have
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to curtail business activities except in occasional cases, and in
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while the patient was still decompensated. A curve obtained
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are more likely to crowd together to avoid cold, are more favourable to its
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to the agar. On moist agar, smooth lobate outgrowths from a
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Godfroid, of Namur, in the Revue Homceopathique Beige for Octo-
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is probably due to the two factors mentioned previously, namely, incomplete oxidation and
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neck and chest, and varying in form and extent ; hands and feet
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although he required more digitalis to keep him gomg com-
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that his former mortality of 24 per cent, fell under the treatment to 9 per
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clave if screw-capped tubes are used. It is well to wrap
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are also susceptible to eye infections with the gonococcus. In young
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laws governing the functions of the body (chemical, physical, and
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giving in to the disease and taking to his bed, the worse become his
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improved rapidly over a period of two weeks. He then became
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g. Litmus Milk. This is available in dehydrated form but may
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they were completely dyspneic, the volume per respiration
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such as are encountered during the summer months in
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hands should be washed daily, or twice a day, with warm carbolised
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in children. In typical form it is scanty, extremely viscid, so that the
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weight (from equation 8). This reaction is employed in the deter-
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