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reader may be misled into accepting some of its less rea

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The term lymphoct tosis is used to indicate an increase affecting the

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It was desirable that these sizes should be given in the metric

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supported the doctrine that the cause is a specific virus always emanat

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diminish each dose according to the results obtained. It is

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prejudice against the application of cold to the surface of the body in

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tion will burst through the membrana tympani but should this not

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was verified by necropsy. The curve was taken twenty four hours after onset

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of pleuritis were present we must infer that the fragment having

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the patient still extremely weak experiences a feeling of well being

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at the meeting. In reference to the technique he had only one

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to be avoided. Hot mineral waters that contain chlorides sulphur

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fetal development and parturition and the manner in

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treatment by original research and I am glad to hear that he confirms

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ticulaily is this the case with the so called religious

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aspire to comprehend the constitution of man but in all their re

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parasites which had previously been placed in the cerebral subarachnoid

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arterial impulse during deep inspiration. The coincident swelling of

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animals had received intravenous injections of bacteria for the purpose

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urine be small in quantity and the amount of urea excreted also

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no flattening of the chest wall and in there was a slight degree

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this subject shows that on the west side especially there

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difference being that in its purity the blowing sound the

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caused by fibroid tissue in bands or lamps may occur on the

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his letter to the summary of cases published by Mr.

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