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attacks wounds and abraded or ulcerated surfaces in persons under
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greater variety of circumstances. The circumstances which tend
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already discovered and described in works on bact eriology. As a
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developed organism of man all knowledge of the outer
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tages which he may derive from chemical means and trusts ex
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action and therefore we contend that they have no right to
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talgia hysteralgia. Fourthly An alteration of tissue upon
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ever the practitioner who ofliciates should request
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During this period of his career Lemonnier made the
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complication or sequel. Bronchopneumonia is sometimes mis
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Hein Gordon E. the role of the electrocardiogram in prognosis
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diminution of movement. This may be general. The excursion of the
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mother the unwelcome intelligence that her child has
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velocity of the bulltst waa tiutBcient to fracture the
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states with impaired functions generally are therefore
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were made of one tissue in several extracts which were homogenous
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in a lymphatic duct there a swelling will usually appear and
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with negative results. Suspensions of lead chromate and pigments
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iodine may be observed. Red corpuscles are sometimes present.
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experience or else upon the evidence of the immediate expe
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ciation of men in groups. Special and general men are
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be unlawful for any merchant ship or other vessel from any foreign
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count the conservative method of dealing with bovine tubercu
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Powder or UUeri of ttie Leg. Finely pulverised oodinm
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Under the tent place a small alcohol lamp in a deep
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Dr. William H. Welch Baltimore said that the spinal cord
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do not include those few cases in which the patients pre
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of equal parts chloroform alcohol and ether is used for subjects
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aseptically ground up organs filtered and unfiltered but they promptly died
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tion and thus distribute the pressure equally over the
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manifest over the diseased lung as a sign of the existence of
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noticeable. As the mattering proceeds the tumor has a disposition
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doses of a remedy which I believe should usually be admin
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plied to the nasal septum consequently when the other nasal
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were needed. Upon examining the ulcerated surface on
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give full support to Political Action and be it further
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in the higher animals. Does not inflammatory new production
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lished under the auspices of the Society. The matter

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