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cannot accept the proposition that in these exposed parts of

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had to perform a similar operation recently on two patients both

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after each operation which was seemingly lessened at each sub

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Within a year good results may be looked for the differ

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leoli. Carefully pad here. In a pair of Klein s splints the outer

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decline in New York. The following are the figures for the two

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the depressing phenomena. Coma and paralysis continued in

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ful that the effects of intestinal obstruction form the severest

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Through repeated efforts on the part of the American

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ger. The operation being quite simple and easily made

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and to be very effectual in the cure of certain diseases.

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cessity and Benefits by Dr. Frank H. Caldwell of Sanford

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sufficiently conspicuous to stand out from the more general collection of

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its water of crystallization which is about one fifth of

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The bullet in this case was so badly deformed by ricochet that

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resent we state that there is only one Session or Course of

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ing the effect of different feeding of the cows on the

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the parametrium is already infected with carcinomatous elements in

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simply palliative unless the case can be removed to a

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The first effect of mitral regurgitation is dilata

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in the presence of inflammatory disease of the adnexa but

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sion the wildest conceivable while she continually screamed

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large cicatrix in the secreting substance of the kidney might

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against them except violation of the postal laws. To

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and safe for re opening corpletely obstructed coronary arteries as well as

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escapes the attention of the patient may give rise to the most

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enteric fever and its gradual increase can often bs demonstrated during

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symptoms of indigestion and experience shews that various

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well ftfr of disoTd Ped.lanofixMh in s iar f i eli m.

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of relaxing. There was no atrophy and the electrical reactions

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small pox simple or complicated most assuredly he is right. Dr. Zandyck

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furnished the oil for the skin and that the disease called sebor

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Rouamt attributed the heart sounds exclusively to the play of the

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The importance of a the ventilation of stables byres and kennels

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