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most submit to the federal government. There are do provis

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Children should be very carefully taught to carry out all natu

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tolerated when it accumulates in the interior of the

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chymatous nephritis there is quite regularly a marked reduction

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psychical functions are unduly exercised strained a amp d taxed in

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from inflammatory complication and the wound practically

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render such an operation prudent or safe. It is this

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period of existence. Caries and imperfection of tooth structure are to


to the hospital. Usually as the parotitis was subsiding

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acid fluid. There was evidently a periodical secretion of hyper

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sixth volume of the Lond. Obs. and Enquiries you will find

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believed this bacillus to be identical with the Klebs Loffler bacillus

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be in accordance with our present state of knowledge con

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infected sick by themselves is however insuflScient no system of dealing

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The conditions are practically the same as when an athlete is undergoing

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ered may present extreme difficulties in diagnosis in its early stages.

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that can be used in the erect posture. Then our housemaids

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days after this time. Dr. Parker thinks that the impair

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Case. Male aged. This patient was uremic and in very poor con

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which it was impossible to obtain before the establishment of this

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breast bone. Rarely will you see such a typical example of

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Scanning System has been adapted for use with a modified Bausch and Lomb

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The medical college in this city is now a self supporting institution.

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to voiceless health workers in sub Saharan Africa Or

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stitutes a most valuable addition to the working library of

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tenderness and stiffness in the region of the spine the distortion

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Indeed so accustomed are we to this rapid transformation that we

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