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indeed proud and grateful when she willingly agreed to sponsor our class

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there is difficulty in gargling the throat may also be sprayed.

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small epidural clot and larger subdural clot beneath the site of

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atropine this inhibition does not occur and the heart will then

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Uffelmann test does not occur. We have seen that the

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gans apparently sound. Death followed in less than twelve

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of the aortic second tone bear confirmator testimony.

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one point of view the Medical Faculty is of opinion that it

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disturbance such as epilepsy chorea and convulsions. The life

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The ovary is often the seat of pathological change and according

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It is to be feared that the phenomenally severe storm of

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back into the bladder they should be enucleated from

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avoiding oils and sugar the disease has not returned but in almost

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potassic bichromate into the air passages. He states that one

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physiologic. But while it entered sufficiently into the

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gunshot wound of the pelvis followed by the impaction of a seques

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in the higher animals. Does not inflammatory new production

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which it forces the individual localities to undertake.

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tannin has no antibneteria eet On the oontraiy. it lathar

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ergot are in very deed cantra indications. Nor can I agree in

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helpful paper on Larjmgeal Tuberculosis. His description of its patho

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report a stricture existed at the place of union but

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suggested for army horses can only be a make shift ration.

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tongue and throat excessive salivation bloody vomit diarrhoea collapse

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plaster. In the beginning of the treatment the procedure sliould

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had been removed from a woman forty years of age who

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number of contact metastases. Approximately at the same rate

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