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from this arrangement. The relationships which exist under a

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for a single paper. He admitted that there were a good many

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much of their contained liquid by absorption and form dry and

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panied with deposit of urate of sodium in the inflamed part that

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gives practical lectures. Those instructed in this way can back

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acid a per mille solution of salicylic acid and of lysol and a

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The varieties most sought as pets are tne Angora also called Angola

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during the reign of the emperor Antoninus Pius. Indeed

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erations the exposure and what not claim notice before

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any point. I made an attempt to clean them by boiling. I

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having the urine last voided saved for him and when the olive

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blood or serum solutions the same test cultures give no re

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its water of crystallization which is about one fifth of

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a history is due not only to transmission of physical and mental

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painful but seldom accompanied by pyrosis or flatulency.

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more than two grains of a pure hypophosphite of potash or soda can

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crease either the electromotive force or the strength

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according to the character of the maniac were successfully em

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Premonitory Sytnptoms. These usually last but a few

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at SlOO and the holder of ten shares was automatically

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vaccination the expense thereof shall on the recommendation of said

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his release from captivity as well as of the differ

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