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that we should teach the student to study the writing of pre

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The subject of physiognomy leads to cranioscopj and this to phrenology. On the

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had a most valuable donation from the library of Mr. Hancock the

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What part heredity plays in the extension of framboesia is difficult to

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least be contagious and micro cocci have been found in the

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neutral point or conjugate foci to be inches. If your

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that they were both completely refractory to this strain.

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lege chemistry course in that one lecture Later they met

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able medication directed to the maintenance of intestinal

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new buildings and the resulting alterations and rearrangements in new build

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knowledge that a certain definite paradite causes a certain definite

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oro an is first removed from the body and then burnt. Healthy animals

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In some cases we still succeed in discovering the ure

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the small intestine the sweat glands and some mucous

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also the moderate indulgence in manly sports. The lecturer concluded

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and cleanliness exist in the chambers of the sick. Even inter

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Fibrous goitres so called are the results of chronic degenerative and

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recollection in a few hours tlie ouly physiologic ex

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and in the vast majority of cases have gotten perfect results by

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third on the pastern limbs and less frequently the tnink

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perature are more irregular and there is a greater degree of dyspnoea.

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fluid in the chemical laboratorj. Lastly comes the hand which may

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tests and Student s Newman Keul s tests were used to

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