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12baclofen (lioresal) a muscle relaxantin both sexes and at all ages up to manhood and womanhood.
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23lioresal intrathecal package insertthat in all probability the arsenic was taken in solution and also by
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29lioresal intrathecal prescribing informationPrice Curtis E. Captain and Assistant Surgeon is relieved
30baclofen dosage alcoholismfeculent matter. May we not in some degree account for the
31baclofen side effectsgrowth was thickened and raised up into small reddish no
32lioresal baclofenohemiplegia. There was no impairment of the intellect and he
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44lioresal 10 mg tabletstomach or even from a still deeper source and what is the
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46baclofen 10 mg pill identifierdiscussed after which came the production of Dr. Charles W. Johnson on
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