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upon neurasthenia have had in Germany indeed it may
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under ether with subsequent rest in bed. The treatment of
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surgical writings. Shock is the result of a series of
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it must be conceded that such liberty directly retards the healing pro
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moval of uterine irritation but had never seen such results follow
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enable them to know better how to overcome the possi
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injections responds to the causal indication. In csecal dysentery on the
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In two of these classes of cases therefore putrefaction of food plays
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sults. The stomach must not only retain the food but digest it
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duced at a later period than any other. I have succeeded in reducing
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In both cases cited gastric secretion after the Boas Ewald test meal
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eases and blemishes. The formula as used today by some
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Campbell to withdraw his motion but to let it stand.
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twenty four days after the second operation the last few days having
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ticles which give rise to specific fevers by their entrance
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was shown to repent Dr. Sunderland s experiments. The results which he
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nerve compression in both median and or ulnar nerves at
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Dr. Fuller gave a boy eight years old ten grains of sulphate of
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sition is to so amend the trade mark laws as to abolish
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to the muscular peritoneum where the wound was made by
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The crude product can be purified by dissolving in hot water with
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state of the stomach and many a sleepless night may
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especially when the cut surfaces were washed the air containing por
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Naval Intelligence. Official Hit of Changes in the Medical Corps
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What are the principal affections of synovial bursas
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the scalp of scales and stimulate the local circulation.
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the day the spirit speaks to all our melt and women..
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symptoms or any important lesion. On the other hand a
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his practice. Corrigan was only twenty seven when he
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reported to the proper authorities who acknowledge that many of the so

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