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common where the seasons are violently contrasted. Hence it
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the weight of the animal and assume various unsightly
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the father of Colonel Alexander Scamniell a distinguished officer of the
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cluded there was lodgement of undigested material in the
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considered rarer than that of a mere dreamer of dreams. Hoffman
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grammes second day four hundred and twenty five and
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Controls. All persons other than the volunteers resident on the
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hours bile stained fluid escaped freely from the tube color clear golden
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housing increased. per cent while fuel and light went
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during life casts consisting entirely of polymorphonuclear leucocytes
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from pulmonary embolus. No autopsy could be obtained. The
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Resolved That the thanks of this Society be extended to
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widest sense of the term does not do his whole duty to
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associated with an increase in anginal pain possibly due to associated hypotension
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the other necessary factor in the production of fibrin ac
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the digestive disturbance by the absorption of albuminoids rendered
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the conditions had not been such as to offer conclusive evidence
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region. With the mercurials was combined enough opium to
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tudes nearer the equator a much higher elevation is required to produce
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passed through the disease without any peculiar disturbance or ill effects.
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trium are very grateful to the patient and sometimes more relief follows
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glandular therapy and the apathy of the general practitioner there is a
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ious manifestations. In not a few cases the most fatal
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the milder dermatoses exposure should times brilliant but is almost always
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there was no epistaxis. There was also pain through
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abraded surface. In explanation of the excessive prevalence of these
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be in accordance with our present state of knowledge con
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tion of lymphocytes about the injected blood a reaction far more
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it superlative for resuscitating spent sexual energies.
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no practical experiments but it is my intention to institute ex
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York private New York Society of German Pliysicians
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an instant the arms and thighs and covered his body and
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not be necessary to recapitulate them. The symptoms

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