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anamnesis etiology and general objective symptomatology jioint to an
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globules of a rabbit that has been vaccinated with eel serum
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supplied with newspapers has been provided for the gratuitous
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The total excretion of urea during these two days of exercise as compared
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subsequently the use of the unipolar current may give more rapid
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University this insanitary arrangement of the lockers has
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him a dose of rhubarb and calomel to clear out the alimentary tract.
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observation namely that the microbe grows best on solid media
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power of fat digestion is apparently increased so that they tolerate
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amination of the blood the estimate of hemoglobin was
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trunk and upper extremities speedily become involved.
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author recommended massage of the maxillary joints to avoid if
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troublesome burr is greatly to be admired. An attempt to remove
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nificance in children as in adults v. Jaksch. Moreover a predomi
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impossible. The materials of which our bodies are com
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to perpetual infamy in the Dunciad is that of Curll
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chlorinated soda boro glycerine etc. may be freely used in
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and there are a great many other gentlemen of considerably greater
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chloride gauze by careful dissection so firmly were thev
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none wcs discovered the fracture through the squamous portion of the
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though by no means invariably due to alcoholic excess.
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panied by wasting of the muscles and a peculiar bluish discolor
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erank too firmly although the grasp of the crank may be invol
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fervour. Such outbursts were usually brief and followed by
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The attack seldom comes on when the patient is at rest both physically
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to her condition at that time. Some of these affections are most
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Inches between plate and focus. In Diseases of the stomach and Intes
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psychiatric disorders according to estimates derived from
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Case. Gunner G. Royal Garrison Artillery admitted to base
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upon to so prolong it. While many cases and collections of
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To the Editor I can not agree with you in your answer
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knowai that acute ulcerative and suppurative disease of a most severe
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ai le. The work is divided in two parts the first is
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should be in charge of the store. He should be provided

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