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side in mixed company. Each reader then may exercise his
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in PBI and butanol extractable protein bound iodine
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much more commonly in males than in females. Of the cases col
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bility of personal identification an acceptable legal release
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fluid escaped disclosing a loop of intestine almost black in
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in the preparation of the interesting authoritative
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proportion of deaths was officially stated as per cent and at Hillah
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established that animals with Trypanosoma Evansi obtain the
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in the form of spray through the cannula. By these means
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censure and applause. Dr. Bartholemew Parr a most competent
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made comparative experiments with discharges from healthy
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their variations in disease. Minute instructions follow as to
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exhibited the patient with scrotal tophi at the Clinical Society
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about four inches in length and two thirds of an inch in diameter.
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of cases of diphtheria and strongly recommends its use in this disease.
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vicinity of the wound a free flow of tears mingled it may be
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It generally terminates rapidly by lysis which is often complete in
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toli introduced his careful experimental work to the profession in Eng
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I should be sorry to have to repeat to you discussions which leaving
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sutures and adhesive cloth unites them by equal pressure throughout the
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which if as was said before the reproduction of vital strength
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rapidly and safely the therapeutic activated partial throm
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and above all from the salutary effects which copious bleed
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during vacations and all facilities are or can be supplied. It is
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culous. Children predisposed to tuberculosis should be sent
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Inoculations carried out in this way were successful in pro

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