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and the affection gives rise to itching and burning

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remaining better for a few months he again relapsed

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cess was not implicated. I must confess that it is difficult to

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the in patients. By this increase the indirect value of the unpaid

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seen sudden death follow probably as MacWilliams has sug

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are mixed with them. Over the mucosa a yellowish or grayish

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As bearing upon the possibility of one attack of these sores being a

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When however from various circumstances such as damaged

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lbs. oz. this last amount being more than two cart loads each of

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metastatic eye infection developed lesions of the eye.

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of medical review and payment mechanisms. PAL Part

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for inoperable osteo sarcoma was tested but did not give

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Internal Medicine East Third Street Suite P.O. Box

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spondent can hardly have inspected the Camic not Carnac stream or

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in consequence of the abuse of mercurial treatment. Mercury

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ring in surgical anaesthesia are due to this condition. The fatal event may

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and due prominence is given to the chest the general form showing

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alarming. Intrajugular injection into a small dog of five

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Meantime our readers must be content with the knowledge of the

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exercise has been recommended for if the current theory be correct

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line of treatment. Quinine with alkalies or iodide of potassium

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Immunity. The early authorities on yaws taught that one attack

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The violater of taboo may be punished by outlawry or even death

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particularly with the chloral hydrate and even with the chloride

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