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even diabetes points also in the direction of the central

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insanity and diseases of the brain. It forms a typical

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lack of blood pressure the difficulty of propelling the thickened blood

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regarded as the result of inflammation of the mucous membrane of the

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arm of James Phipps a healthy boy eight years of age.

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nosticating the effusion as a subphrenic abscess. This state

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bidity statistics derived La like manner from comparisons of the num

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Waddell. Machine printed in the block print format around in

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the procedure as an out patient. I note that you point

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engaged in practice in Ohio on and prior to February he would be

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thought necessary by means of aspiration as the fluid

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I noticed little if any difference in the posterior synechia

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infant had developed redness and swelling of all the metatarso

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almost pure and it exudes in the same manner from the in

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excreted in the urine after the ingestion of phenacetin antipyrin

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on the surface and the symptom which had alarmed him principally

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as a branch of surgery would ever lose its importance its utility

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may conclude whether they are sessile or pedunculated.

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persons therefore who are admitted to the poorhouse are

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The third annual meeting was held in Kansas City Mo. July .

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for nine days. Ten days after the last application the patient had de

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pass almost mto a state of collapse. The day fcjllow

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betrayed by cries uttered two or three minutes before the mo

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another doctor of medicine to attend his patients during his

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his Diary Massachusetts Historical Collections fifth

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In January the lower room of the museum building was floored

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pressure in the inflamed capillaries render it more easy for the leucocytes

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