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hundreds of th e worst cases placed in several tentative institutions

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only hope for being again able to earn a livelihood was

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this disease is remarkably influenced by the chest oomprees prepared

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fcetid diarrhoea and the strength is rapidly exhausted. The

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little pieces of paper were suspended at the distance

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and prevent the clips realising a fair price in the market.

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close up together the face becomes purple or deadly and indicative of great

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myxcedema by a committee of the Clinical Society of

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years study with an approved practitioner or practitioners

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of very great prominence in the eyes of sanitarians. If it

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a direct effect upon the development of the fetus. Mrs.

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Mr. Chairman this concludes my formal testimony. If you would

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Ml of these are well sustained by contributions and

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opportunity of strongly advocating it. Scarlet fever he says

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there were also at two or three dilferent parts of the tumour pulsations

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genous action of the hsemosporidia. Should this immunity from any

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as by far the simplest and easiest. He has applied it in

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were propped up in a semireclining position on bed rests during the

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great virulence amongst the horses used by the Street Eailway

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the question of bleeding in this disease to have been depute

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Illustrations will be furnished free when drawings accompany the

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has been done away with. The employment of degraded women from the

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divers rows of long and somewhat thick and narrow leaves

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air as from sewers and drains can doubtless lift them in

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striking ajtiological factor in general paresis but that from

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RENEE MAILLOUX B.S. fourth year medical student University

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have been compelled in administering it to the lower animals to

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by the Board of Managers. The method of appointment

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