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enlarged and firm. The kidneys were of a pale red color and

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to Dr. Boyce who kindly sent him into hospital under my care.

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friends and physician. On the ether hand when on account

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rongeur forceps a piece of tissue at least mm. in diameter was

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University this insanitary arrangement of the lockers has

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bowel has not the slightest disturbing influence upon the

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lymphatic corpuscles into coloured globules provided with a nucleus the

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very severe. In Rome two thousand died of it according to the author

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ducted without any manifestation of inflammatory ac

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The body braced up by exercise in an invigorating air is in

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These figures are all low as the calculation is based

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curative of consumption on the same principle precisely that

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over the rounded portion where it included the vitreous plate. A

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Hacks kept in high condition and hunters are mostly ex

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to reduce the dislocation but hardly made any advance at all.

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dysentery. It was proportionally sickly in the two other towns mentioned

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than all others tends to dest oy the strength a td power of

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be still further to increase the tendency to cram up work which

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been done throughout the civilized world for the prevention of tuber

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precede the bowel movements rather often but as a i ule

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the vessels of the foot at the angle at which you wish

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norm and remained steadily there until convalescence was established

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slightly accelerated the countenance natural and so long as

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The body proved to be that of an Italian boy who made a

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not have come from the intelligence of any persons present being

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No. in a quart of water should be used to wash the wound.

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of useful men of whom our profession has recently been deprived by

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Diaphoresis is not to be encouraged beyond the insensible

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be as pertinent and as pregnant an interrogatory as many

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extension until their full size is attained. They are usually surrounded

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two breeds of hogs were crossed upon the hogs already

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render such an operation prudent or safe. It is this

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puscles collecting together in masses before dissolving

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it remained sweet. There was haemorrhage from the posterior

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radial. The point at which this occurs indicates the

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qualified medical men. Now it is in the interior or on

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admirable than that which thus associates together in function a

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