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soft parts especially the connective tissue the osseous
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and formed some vague ideas as to their progress and prognosis the
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fort to a listless idle passive life it behooves those
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vital actions but daily experience shows that the contrary occurs that anaemic
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f kind. I have used ordinary asbestos paper moderately
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produced by these measures is usually profuse rarely exhausting and in a
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is exposed to gonorrhoea to have it extend to the uterus and tubes.
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dungeons to plunge into the infections of hospitals
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The body proved to be that of an Italian boy who made a
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Dr. Harger felt that great good had already been obtained by agitation
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affected we must think of a lesion somewhere within the brain etc.
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I tiERrERAi. peritonitis does not often come under my observation but
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Two Unusual Cases of Intracranial Inflammation fol
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that is usually sufficient. The uterine artery can also be tied if
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influences the fit of a collar and the injury produced.
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that they were both completely refractory to this strain.
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be improved. Retrieval of performance data must be sys
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Heyser D. T. Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills Medical Department
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holic solution of green soap sixty five per cent. and oil
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monia may complicate the disease pneumonia medicantaria
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Auditing and Finance Committee and were authorized to audit
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Illustrations will be furnished free when drawings accompany the
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time of occurrence or duration but they clearly exist and the severitv
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a few years since A correspondent gravely forwards us the
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double optic neuritis. It is next to certain that there is syphilitic
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It is odd that invalids have a special liking for cer
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located from Kansas to the University of Arkansas at
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Journal Publications Committee. All manuscript pages
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ready resulted from their efforts and to support them
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said that the article adds much to our previous knowledge.
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pean race in point of physical jierfection is far the
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further increases the obstruction to the entrance of the air. In this way
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health and disease. Such a work can only be produced after a long
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Attention is called to the care necessary for the isola
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great misfortune since generally falling into ignorant and
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If such cases may be left to them what cases need the judgment

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