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the grains have first to be crushed before they can be

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are to be defrayed by the medical committee in charge

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third day. Fifteen days after operation the patient was juite

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obstruction of the lymph channels or inflammation of the subcutaneous

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a morbid interest in authorities and in our private

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matter the impressions in a certain measure pass through the

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All these degenerations are examples of atrophy with changes

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by disease yet there was a time when they were supposed at

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spite of the alleged virulence of the disease in England

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Allied Disorders of the Male Sexual Organs. By Sam

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denly chilled. Here is a table showing the results of his in

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account of the sudden development of deafness and the great

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neighbor who said that he saw a dog chasing his own sheep about

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than in children. We have been fearful of the joint manifes

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saltpetre one ounce tartar emetic one drachm three times

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time every other case only was treated with serum. In reporting it

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may give rise to intestinal concretions if its use is persisted

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poison of Amanita phalloides is similar to the bacterial

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ulated with it die in about three days. The blood and

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In the early parlod of the evolution of this joint enterprise

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the wind when lying in close proximity to an infected vessel.

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of infection. In considering the prevention of infection

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University of Glasgow. Fees each course t s. except

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tongue and lips parts which are chiefly concerned in the formation of these

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