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a figure. The pins were so directed that the head of each

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the country. All the reagents graduated solutions and ap

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and tunicates have a vascular system yet since this is open changes in

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ber two years and a half after the first accident. The

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ing antitoxic unit in terms of which the dosage of commercial antitoxin

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feoerations without the enterventiou of a male. Wei enhc r b

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every other instinct must bend to the sexual instinct.

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fevers are owing to drinking bad water. Time has justified

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revolutionized Has any new antiseptic been discovered since the

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vaginal mucous membrane is then divided by a circular incision

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than any man I have ever met with. During his brief

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To Prof. Simpson are we indebted for more improvements in ob

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cases of anterior poliomyelitis the course of development of the

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more manifested by that cell series its deatli will be

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these circumstances incipient phthisis presents itself in the form of such

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The rainfall in the first six months was. inches on

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be the first that has provided for state ownership of stock horses

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physical power breaks down the dreadful propensity continues unabated.

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The officinal preparation of Dover s Powder has been changed

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aneurism and new growths in the lung pleura or oesopha

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no advance been made in the treatment of this disease for

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necrosed bone was not liowever yet loose. He was removed to the

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bruises of the frog undue paring wounds of the frog

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be very cautious in interpreting the tympanitic percussion note because

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tions be suspected by the antiseptics. When cicatricial contractions in

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his annual address before the Philadelphia County Medical Society

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announced to the class at the beginning of the course.

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in form and size than the cells themselves is spherical or oval

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investigation of the Interferometrische Methode as developed by

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mal and grand mal severe and long lasting. They improved

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gives rise to a foul serous or sanious secretion and

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ing the disease by injecting the comma bacilli and Lewis had

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by shortening of the limb inability to use it and grating

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quently comes on in the course of typhus continues after convalescence

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bead in a position often assumed when one is lying on the grass

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