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ferentiated by their mode of commencement and by their duration.

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usually incorporated with cacao butter and intended for use in the

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Renal colic is seldom terminated by a single paroxysm it is liable

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nasal quality in the vocal sounds this is termed cegophoni from its

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tion of temperature follow incisions near the meatus I now recall

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Treatment consists in strapping the chest in pleuro

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vithoat much effect then gave a cathartic composed of rheL

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was of a recurrent type as she had been an inmate of

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removed and these spaces should as soon as practicable be covered

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observe also that the stounding pains of the head in cephalic

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the auricles became very thin and largely distended and would

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sical signs. Dr. Williams means such as depend on the direct

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typhoid fever in carefully investigated by Dr. French

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divisions such practical and minute regional descriptions as serve to

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Dogs Two or three compound cathartic pills or castor

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pression the cheeks may be flushed the tongue dry and

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objects close to the eyes to obtain the larger retinu

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city streets the impulse would be distinctly abnor

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an hour from the occurrence of the accident I saw him he

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Arthur Thompson is not for the specialist though the

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secondly every member of the Court present from the commence

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tions as to the therapeutic indications for quinine founded

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Dr. Bernard Gunther of Brooklyn was a visitor at Philadel

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As to the other functions of the red globules such as that

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have a portion of his cerebral cortex removed one of tlie best

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