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pation regularity of life and healthful surroundings in
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Among the chief causal factors are emotion and traumatism.
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considerations industry has found that it is cheaper
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repose and a sleep without fatigue a drowsiness quite different
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Digitalis is indicated as a cardiac stimulant in valvular lesions of the
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tion more violent effects than a very extensive organic disease which
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shortly before his death Lumleian Lecturer at the Royal College
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senior staff and have daily opportunities to become familiar
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reasonably suppose that the virus of syphilis after
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clusions now one way and now another in the intervening
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In the presence of profuse secretions sedatives are contra
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recommend Suitable authors for Medical Students to read
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ordinarily as phenol sulphuric acid and not as hydroquinone or pyro
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recently settled in the neighbourhood with a wife and
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by far the most frequent complication is that with the kidney and
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ing to the particular nervous centres cerebro spinal or ganglionic that are
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small spherical bodies are believed to be the spores which penetrate a
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back and loins and of the walls of the chest occasional dry
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that loyal and filial affection and kindness which induce him to
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by a thrombus. A second large and partially decomposed
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case reported to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia and contained

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