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Scoutetten H. Memoir on the Radical Cure of Club foot. Translated by

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disease. It is probable however that some reported cases are allied to

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in the fact that people are coming to appreciate the value

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cytes. From our knowledge of these cells is derived all tliat we know

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The explanation of cases of aural vertigo has been sought in

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of degeneration affecting the tissue cells in acute inflammation hyaline

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lating fluids so long that fermentation did the work

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very seriously ill. In the one of sixty nine defervescence occurred

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Owen and other valuable friends. It was partly due to his medical

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it was impossible to tell whether the symptoms developed might

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animals particularly sheep and cattle caused by the Bacillus anthracis

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to move the limb on the part of the patient crepitus amp c.

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especially the last must be employed with great caution for where

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to the most effective application of this fund are invited.

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both sides through the opening to tlie depth of millimetres. There

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hind the duodenum. Incise longitudinally remove stone

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others however reported it to be of no assistance in

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The revelation of the ultimate structures of organs is

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below the normal. The oatmeal diet caused a disappear

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thirteen years old which was a bad worker. He has had three

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when large quantities of strong beef tea are taken than when the diet

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dages is not mentioned though the application of some immov

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duction of even small quantities of food into the stomach leeches

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Dr. Edward G. Janeway of New York The Relation of Al

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